Welcome to the 2019 Apostolic Leadership Summit, January 22-24, 2019!

HOW ARE YOU BUILDING YOUR LIFE, MINISTRY AND RELATIONSHIPS? Leaders are builders, and nothing in life matters more than what we’ve built and how we’ve built it.  At the end of our journey, each of us wants to look back and say: We built a life that mattered and made a difference…We built ministries that reached people and grew…We built relationships that stood the test of time and honored the Lord.
We invite you to join some of the most exciting leaders in the world in one of the most beautiful cities in the world for two and a half days of practical insight, refreshing fellowship and prophetic inspiration.  We’ve lowered the costs so you can bring your team and gain what you need to BUILD THE DREAM.
  • Building through Vision
  • Building Strategically
  • Building through Multiplication
  • Building to Reach the Lost
  • Building Great Culture
  • Building for Lasting Impact
  • Building Relationally
  • Building Diversity
  • Building Trust and Credibility

…and much more!


Emanuele Cannistraci

Steve Murrell

Mel Mullen

David Cannistraci

Robert Hooks

Steve Boyce

Jordan Boyce

Chandler and China Cleveland